8 arm square table base

36 pieces of cold drawn steel rod and 14 steel balls are welded into a seamless monolithic sculpture that is thoroughly detailed and finished. As a testimony to the craftsmanship and in respect to the aesthetic qualities of the steel, the base is left in its natural state of color and waxed. Threaded holes in the ball ends of the base’s 8 arms serve as attachment points for hardware that is purpose designed and built for a given application of the base. By the reason of its four point square stand and a top support the 8 arm base will gracefully carry round, square, rectangular, oval tops made of glass, stone, wood, concrete. Two bases will easily carry a very large and a very heavy rectangular or an oval conference table top.
Will custom build a base for a desired application, a variety of table tops and of virtually any size.
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8 arm square cold drawn carbon steel dining/conference table base.

8 arm square cold drawn carbon steel coffee table base.

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