6 arm table base

Conceived, designed and first built in 1989 the 6 arm coffee table base is also the first among a number of distinct table base designs that I have developed and built. The combination of a finely sculpted, delicately proportioned yet intrinsically strong stainless steel base and a glass top creates a functional jewel….a coffee table. A 72″ base weighing 45 pounds will by the reason of its fully triangulated space frame design effortlessly support 2000 pounds of weight and gracefully carry a granite, marble, glass, wood, concrete, metal or a composite top to form an exquisite conference table.
The base is welded from 30 rods of various diameters and 12 balls into a seamless monolithic sculpture
that is thoroughly detailed and finished. Threaded holes in the ball ends of the base’s 6 arms serve as attachment points for hardware that is purpose designed and built for a given application of the base.
Will custom build a base for a desired application, a variety of table tops and of virtually any size.
Available in stainless steel or cold drawn carbon steel.
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36″ standard size coffee table base.

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72″ conference table base