A frame of a geodesic sphere that is based on the concept of the sphere of OZ is a stand alone self contained structure that is suited to be placed on land, water and in space. It is an assembly of hollow spherical forms that are interconnected through round tubes whose ends are internally threaded and the whole is held together with hollow screws. The hollow spherical forms, the tubes and the hollow screws will be scalable, modifiable, economically and efficiently producible from various materials to a high degree of precision. They will be subject to quality, dimensional and strength standards thus can be manufactured by and sourced from any given number of vendors.
The design of the hollow spherical forms, the tubes and the hollow screws facilitates the inclusion and attachment of cover panels, floors, stairs, elevators, decks, additions of space, energy producing systems, horticulture facilities, in a summary an unlimited variety of components, to the geodesic sphere frame. The hollow spherical forms, the tubes and their interfaces present a precisely defined and workable mating surface to those components. Since the geodesic sphere frame is self-contained, its cover panels whether fully independent entities or relying on the geodesic sphere frame for their own structural integrity, are free to perform any function – access, windows, furniture, audio/video installations, heating, ventilation, energy generation, water collection, flora & fauna, the applications are endless. In a relation to the geodesic sphere frame the panels can be removable, hinged, sealed with gaskets or adhesives yet always interchangeable and replaceable. The assembly of the hollow spherical forms, the tubes and the hollow screws will serve as a conduit for wiring and plumbing.
The concept of the sphere of OZ lends itself to fully computerized design and manufacture of a personal living environment that will be conceived and created on a computer screen and stored as its birth certificate and a life diary in the form of a computer file. Using a computer program that will show and guide how to go about it while observing its structural integrity and compliance with building and municipal codes. It can be designed to be a building code “wholesale” approved, in a similar fashion as cars are certified to comply with DOT regulations. Components of the resulting creation will be fabricated entirely in factories, available from stock or build to an order and delivered ready to be assembled. Through the same process or through individual custom work that habitat can be then at any time infinitely altered and accessorized. It can begin as a bare geodesic sphere frame that will become habitable by throwing a tarp over it. That will give its inhabitants the opportunity to experience the as of yet empty space within and around the bare geodesic sphere frame, before proceeding with creating their own personal living environment. There will be no need for ground clearing and excavation other then making room for the geodesic sphere and anchoring it by means that will be determined during the design stages.
Due to its design, a human habitat in the form of a geodesic sphere that is based on the concept of the sphere of OZ will best in a build quality the high end of the housing market, for a price lower then the low end of the housing market, plus have a minimal negative ecological impact on the environment.
A geodesic sphere can be erected on a level ground, hung from a mountain side, rotated, partially or fully buried, mobile, floated, submerged. Anchored, it will stand on a single point or it can be suspended like a pendant. A partial geodesic sphere frame, a “dish” will serve as a platform/base. And yes, it will make a fine dome.
The rewards and benefits of creating and developing a personal living environment that is based on the concept of the sphere of OZ will include the minimizing /avoiding of a long term financial burden that is associated with the existing system of purchasing and financing a home.



Current prototype

Current design