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Rethinking The Smart Home Concept From The Exterior

Many of the companies that make the devices that you use in your home every day are offering you an upgrade that is part of a smart home. This concept of the smart home means that you can do almost every mundane chore there is from your phone or portable.

Our concept of a smart home is much more organic. We began developing our concept of a really smart home 43 years ago. Our basic geodesic design model has undergone several design alterations along the way.

These are the differences that make our home designs truly smart.

Fits You Instead of You Fitting into it

Even the most modern home designs require you to fit your belongings and people into a predefined living area. You can shop for what suits you best or even have something built. You always have the problem of a fixed area once you made a choice.

Our designs are infinitely expandable. Each module is an independent structure. Expansion is simple. You simply add a new dome. The basic unit makes any shape possible.


Interior and exterior customization are the buyer’s choice. There are three basic dome designs available at present. The exterior can be adapted to any natural scenery or left as the original material.


The domes are made of light weight material connected with hollow tubing. The support structures are also relatively light weight. If you want to move you can take your home with you.

The cost savings of moving a home instead of the usual buying and selling process would be tremendous. All you have to do to relocate is to connect to the utilities.

Designed for the future

People will live on the ocean floor and on the Moon in the not too distant future. This system is designed to accommodate the threats of living undersea or on another planet. This is no fantasy. We designed the structures with this future in mind.

The concept was developed to make it possible for people to live almost anywhere on Earth or any other planet.

Simplistic Utility Maintenance

The utilities that provide service to homes at present are spread all over the house. The person who does the work on their own may have to search for a unit to turn a utility on and off.

The better idea for a smart home is that all of the controls for all utilities are centralized. This is the design that we developed. The design saves time and provides a higher level of safety in the event of accident of system failure.


This design concept has met present safety codes for commercial and residential buildings. The design offers a built in added safety factor. The individual domes can be released and float in a flood. The structural integrity of the domes is so strong that they can absorb impacts that would destroy wooden walls. The design was created to be self contained in extreme environments.

We rethought what a home should be. The home itself should be the first thing that is smart. A home that can be expanded when you need it, be designed like you want it, and move anywhere that you move is truly unique. Homes are supposed to be an investment and this concept can be a one time for life investment.


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