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Micro Houses Are Gaining In Popularity. Here Are 5 Reasons Why!

Micro houses are continuing to gain in popularity and those who pay even the slightest bit of attention to pop culture are aware of this fact. While there are some who are skeptical about the idea of making a return to a simpler way of life, others are doing everything that they can to get in on the ground floor.

Why are micro houses rapidly rising in popularity, though? There are a number of reasons. Now that more and more people from all walks of life have come to rely on these homes for shelter, it is time that we took a closer look to find out more about the motivations for these choices.

1) Eco Friendly

Those who are in search of ways to become more environmentally friendly will often select micro houses. The amount of resources that they allow us to conserve is enough to make one's head spin. We experience a greater level of energy efficiency and this allows us to decrease our environmental footprint. If we wish to enhance our level of efficiency even further, we can also add solar panels to the home's roof.

2) Greater Level of Simplicity

Some of us allow ourselves to get swept up in the idea that we need to have a massive home in order to consider ourselves truly successful. This is a societal concern and the micro home movement is a direct response to this erroneous idea. Those who wish to remove themselves from the typical rat race and enjoy a much greater level of simplicity will often choose these homes. The excess culture is finally receiving some much needed push back.

3) Less Maintenance

Obviously, a smaller home is going to require a smaller amount of maintenance than a larger one. We benefit from downsizing in several ways. The amount of clutter that we have the ability to accumulate dwindles considerably and so does the amount of time that we are forced to spend cleaning. If there are any repairs that need to take place, they are usually much less costly than the repairs needed at a larger residence.

4) Added Mobility

Moving from one location to the next is often a major hassle. We have to pack up all of our possessions and ship them from one location to the next. In addition to these concerns, we must also deal with the financial ramifications of the decision. With micro houses, the owner has far more flexibility than they would have otherwise. They are simply able to pick up the entire home and drop it in a new location with relative ease.

5) Lowered Move In Costs

When we are in search of a home that is within our price range, the associated costs of the move can cause us to take a step back from the process. Thanks to the increased presence of smaller houses, the costs that are commonly associated with a move in decrease significantly. This makes the prospect of home ownership more feasible to a much wider cross section of modern society and this is great for our overall development.


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