“Micro” is only a term. A micro home in the form of a geodesic sphere that is based on the concept of the sphere of OZ addresses requirements, criteria and conditions such as a building site size and accessibility, terrain landscape, inhabitants space requirements and financial means, ecological and climate impact, municipal and building codes/regulations. An OZ micro home can be scaled in size, designed, equipped and accessorized for a virtually any application. Personalized OZ micro home can be first created virtually by its future inhabitant/s. Created on a computer screen where it will be placed in its designated environment. Using a program that will show and guide how to go about it while observing its structural integrity and a compliance with building and municipal codes. OZ micro home components will be fabricated entirely in factories, available from stock or build to an order and delivered ready to be assembled. Through the same process or through individual custom work OZ micro home can be then at any time infinitely altered and accessorized. Inherently self contained it doesn’t require a foundation and can be erected in difficult to access areas. There will be no need for ground clearing and excavation other then making room for OZ micro home and anchoring it by means that will be determined during the design stages.
A living environment that is based on OZ micro home concept can begin as a bare geodesic sphere frame that will become habitable by throwing a tarp over it. From there it will be up to the imagination and the experience of the as of yet empty space.
The rewards and benefits for taking this approach to creating and developing a personal living environment will include the minimizing/avoiding of long term financial burden that is associated with the existing system of purchasing and financing a home.
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