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5 Common Manufactured Housing Myths Debunked

Manufactured housing is a topic that can bring out a lot of opinionated viewpoints. There are many who find themselves falling victim to certain misconceptions, though. This causes them to lose out on the benefits that manufactured housing can provide. Knowing the reality of these homes is more important than allowing ourselves to be swayed by perception.

The stigma associated with homes of this nature is a false one. Rather than continue to speak about homes like these in the typical parlance, let us take this time to debunk all of the most common myths so that prospective buyers can stop operating from a place of misinformation.

1) They Are Flimsy

We blame television shows and movies for causing people to believe this lie for so many years. Don't allow visions of a manufactured home blowing away during a particularly troublesome storm to cloud the thought process. This is simply not true. Every manufactured home is constructed with HUD regulations in mind. They are built to withstand hurricane strength winds and they are not constructed without a rigorous third party inspection.

2) Increased Vulnerability To Fire

These homes are constructed with the usage of copper wiring. In addition to this wiring, they are constructed according to the same fire safety standards as a home that is built on site. There is no difference between the level of fire safety from home to home. Fire safety studies have been conducted on the matter. According to said studies, there is no link between manufactured housing and an increased risk of fire.

3) Cheap Materials Are Used

The idea that all of these homes are cheap and constructed from shoddy materials is one that needs to be eliminated from the collective home buying consciousness. A manufactured home is not constructed from materials that are any less expensive than the materials used to construct an onsite home. Since these homes are often transported from location to location, they are often reinforced for added protection.

4) Lack of Variety

One of the most widely spread myths about manufactured homes is that they are all the same. This is what keeps so many from making the right decisions when it comes time to make a selection. The idea that all of the housing that we have to choose from is the same is patently false. When we purchase manufactured homes, the amount of variety that we have to select from is spellbinding. The sheer number of customization options that are available can actually cause some of us to experience shell shock.

5) Unable To Appreciate In Value

While most of us are not going to be able to predict the level of depreciation that will take place once we have purchased a home, there is one thing that we can say with relative certainty. The idea that these homes are not going to be able to appreciate in value is as false as it gets. If we own the land that the home is built on and the property is maintained? There is nothing stopping the property from appreciating in value.


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