Dining Table Base

The 5 Main Dining Table Base Options

There are a plethora of unique dining table base designs for us to select from. In fact, there are so many to choose from that it can be difficult to find the one that is just right for our needs. That's why we are here to lend all of the necessary insight into the matter and make sure that the proper choices are made.

After all, the dining table base is often an unsung hero of sorts. We do not notice this aspect of the home when it is functioning properly. However, we tend to find ourselves singing a different tune once it is not. Let's take a closer look at the five main dining table base options so that we are able to make the most educated choice possible.

8 Arm Square Table Base

These structures are seamless and the attention to detail is astonishing. The craftsmanship that is involved is breathtaking and the steel has aesthetic qualities that simply cannot be duplicated. A base such as this one is crafted with the usage of 14 steel balls as well as 36 cold drawn steel rod pieces. Two of these bases are all we need in order to support larger and heavier tables that are of a rectangular shape.

8 Arm Rectangular Table Base

The construction is designed with conference tables and coffee related dining in mind. Those who seek a table that is going to be remain in its natural state after it has been completed will typically select a base such as this one. Each of the eight arms also come with threaded holes at the ball ends that allow us to attach the desired hardware.

6 Arm Table Base

Bases like these have been in existence for nearly 30 years now. These bases were first constructed in 1989 and its design is incredibly distinct. This 72 inch base weighs in at 45 pounds. This allows for the base to support any number of different materials. 2,000 pounds of weight can be supported by these bases and those who select them can choose from wood, concrete, metal, composite, marble, granite or glass tops. Virtually any size top of any material can be used in these distances.

X Base

This base is made from stainless steel. Assembled from a connecting tube and two identical X elements, these bases are held together with the use of two joints. These joints have been conceived in a way that is not only distinct but also completely functional. This design is incredibly versatile and its versatility is only matched by its purity. Hardware that has been designed to fit the applications of the base can be attached by using the threaded holes.

Oval Top Table Base

These bases are designed to serve a certain purpose. We will typically see them being used as conference tables, dining tables or coffee tables. They are crafted in a manner that allows for the formation of a monolithic structure. Tops that have been constructed from a wide range of materials can be supported by an oval top dining table base and they are custom built.


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