Conference Table Bases

These Conference Table Bases Will Give Your Office An Exquisite Interior

If you need a magnificent conference table with cold drawn carbon steel or a stainless steel table base then you should contact us. Our conference table bases have been designed to support glass and stone table tops. And our conference table bases are available in various designs and sizes.

Some of our conference table bases are:

8-arm table base

We have very strong 8-arm table bases that are designed for the different types of table tops that we have. For example, we have the 8-arm table bases designed specifically for our square conference tables. We also have 8-arm table bases designed specifically for rectangular conference tables. Our oval conference tables equally have the 8-arm table bases designed specifically for them.

6-arm table base

The 6-arm table base is smaller compared to the 8-am table base but can support a 72’’ conference table. The 6-arm is basically designed for our coffee tables. However, all the table bases we have can support all types of table tops because they are very strong and durable. As mentioned already, our table bases are made of either stainless steel or cold drawn carbon steel. The quality of the steels we use for our table bases is unmatchable because our steels are thoroughly finished with 36 pieces of cold drawn steel rod and 14 steel balls. The end-result of the combination of these elements is a rigid, durable and strong steel that can gracefully carry any type of top.

The 6-arm table base may be smaller than the 8-arm table base but it can support an exquisite and standard conference table made of metal, glass, wood, and even concrete. So, having the 6-arm table base will not pose any problems.

X table base

We have stainless steel table bases designed in the shape of an “X”. There are two X elements connected by a tube. It is beautifully designed and it equally portrays class and style. So, we encourage people who need this type of table base for their conference tables to contact us for inquiries about this table base.

 More so, our designs are unique. For this reason, we urge potential customers to get in touch with us in order to learn more about our products.

Apart from conference tables and table bases, we also build coffee tables and dining tables. We can undertake customized table building projects. That is, we can build conference tables, coffee tables, and dining tables according to your specifications. And we will be glad to respond to questions and inquiries regarding our dining tables, conference tables, coffee tables, as well as our table bases.

Our coffee tables

Our coffee tables are designed putting comfortable sitting position in mind. While sitting, the coffee table will be at your knee-level, thereby making it very comfortable for you to enjoy your coffee.

Our dining tables

Just as we have put a comfortable sitting position in mind when designing the coffee table, so also we have put it into consideration here. With our dining tables, your hands are rested comfortably on the table. This makes it very convenient for you to eat on the table.

Furthermore, we urge people who are interested in buying or building conference table bases and/or conference tables to contact us and we will promptly respond to their inquiries.


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