Coffee Table Bases

5 Tips For Selecting The Right Coffee Table Bases

The coffee table is often the centerpiece of the room that it is in and as a result, we need to pay close attention to the bases that we select. Filling in the gaps when it comes to our decor is not always easy and we need to be putting in the proper time and effort. The endless number of options do not help matters.

Are we looking for something with a certain amount of aesthetic appeal? Or do we need coffee table bases that are designed to withstand a specific amount of weight? These are the questions that we need to answer before we can embark on this process. Once we have made these types of decisions, we can benefit from the following tips.

1) Consider The Spacing

Coffee table bases need to be chosen with the spacing of the room in mind. If there is not an ideal amount of space in between the coffee table and the seating area, this is something that needs to be addressed immediately. The coffee table should be close enough to allow the person to set down their beverage while also giving them the chance to stretch their legs if they so choose. Leaving plenty of room to maneuver is important.

2) Measure The Height

It is essentially impossible to choose a table base for any structure if we do not take the time to measure the height first. If the coffee table is going to be positioned to match up with a sofa that is already in the room, a base should be chosen that allows the table to rest 1 to 2 inches below. Those who entertain on a more frequent basis will want to choose a base that raises the height of the coffee table even higher.

3) Be Honest About Weight

One of the most common that is made when selecting a coffee table base is a refusal to be honest with ourselves about how much weight is going to be placed on it. The coffee table bases that we select will play a major role in the table's ability to survive the wear and tear that is going to be placed on it. If we choose a base that is not large enough to support the strain that we are expecting it to withstand, this could spell trouble.

4) Balancing Our Style

Once all of the most serious concerns have been addressed, we can start to consider the aesthetic issues that are going to take place. We need to balance the current motif of the room where the coffee table currently resides with the base that is chosen. If the couch is slimmer, we can select a base that goes with a chunky table. Those who are looking to maintain a vintage or contemporary motif can also select from various options.

5) Remaining Family Friendly

Parents with children or even those who entertain families with children must consider the potential pitfalls. Selecting a rounded coffee table is in our best interests and we must make sure that we are selecting a base without sharp corners or edges.


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